Romeo & Juliet || AU RP

[“Just one more push Hitachiin-san, the head is crowning.” A secluded part of a hospital had been restrictedly cut off from the rest of the staff. In the empty hallways of the hospital, faint screams echoed throughout the building as the child of the Hitachiin house was about to enter this world. The infamous husband and wife of the Hitachiin family were rushed to hospital when the wife, Yuzuha, went into labour. They were expecting a healthy baby boy which would one day inherit the legacy of the male head of the Hitachiin name; his empire, his fortune and his family house. With one final blood curdling scream, the sound of a baby’s cry rang through the whole room and the doctor held up the first born son to the Hitachiin family.

"A healthy baby boy, just like you wanted." The crying child was soon handed off to be cleaned and weighed, but something was off. On further expection from the doctor, she looked to the new father and mother with a questionable look.

"There seems to have been..some sort of a mistake. Yuzuha-san, the birth is not over yet." The woman could tell from the shocked expression on her face that the news of a second child having to be born was not good news for her. But it couldn’t be stopped. Not even two minutes after the birth of the first child, a second son was born, cleaned and then weighed. It was identical, their weights were similar and their features as well. In this world, there is violence everywhere no matter where you are in rankings. Whether you’re rich or poor loss of life and fighters were the inevitable. To the new parents, twin boys would be in competition with each other until the age of 18 to find out which one will take over for them. Both boys were cleaned off and wrapped up, only to be handed to Yuzauha who was still trying to regain he strength]

"Honey, this is the worst..We only needed one boy to take over after we retire, having twin boys in a world like this..they’ll kill each other before they even are old enough to take over us. What are we going to do?" The woman was terrified, it wasn’t safe to have two children in a family like theirs and it was worse that they were both boys. For years they had tried to conceive a boy to take over things for them, when they heard that they were having a boy they were thrilled. But now this is the worst thing that could have happened to the four of them.